Dosimax Table-Top Filling Machine

  • Dosimax Table-Top Filling Machine

The Dosimax Filling Machine was designed to deposit or inject creamy fillings, jams, sauces, yogurt and more into your products. Ideal for everything from filling donuts and cream puffs to depositing cupcakes, muffins, frosting, whipped cream and more. Digital controls and a variety of accessories make the Dosimax Filling Machine extremely versatile. Then Dosimax XL model boasts a larger hopper, pump unit, and variable speed controls for all your filling needs.


  • Compact table-top design
  • User-friendly, programmable touch screen control panel
  • Large capacity Stainless Steel hopper
  • Manual, Automatic and Sequential dosing capabilities
  • Unit comes with two single and one double dosing needle standard
  • Easy to clean quickly and thoroughly
  • Variable speed dosing motor (Dosimax XL only)
  • Voltage: 22OV/60Hz/1ph/2A


  • Wide range of attachments available for a vast array of products
  • Foot pedal control for hands-free operation
  • Flexible hose and wand attachment for more finite control
  • Hopper heating jacket to keep thick, sticky products at a workable temperature.
  • Dosing unit support stand available to make changeover even faster.

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