Join us for a hands-on workshop with renown Master Baker, Didier Rosada

The baking world is changing quickly to answer the demand of consumers taste. Equipment, ingredients, formulation, are all evolving to help the baker in producing the finest quality products. During these three days class of extensive bread baking, a great and complete products selection from the two most popular bread categories will be baked: functional breads and the always indulging sweet breads. Each formula has been specifically selected to illustrate a precise method of the baking process (working with double hydration, high level of sugar, soakers, whole grains) that will allow us to demonstrate the best traditional baking practices to apply to produce the highest quality traditional breads. At the end of the seminar, the participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and formulas to increase their products line (functional breads, anis bread, focaccia dulce, Hawaiian breads to name a few).

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