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Bagel Chip Slicer

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With the new Mini Chip Bagel Slicer, you can cut your shrink and turn today’s leftover product into tomorrows profits! Sweet or savory, you can create healthy snack chips quickly and easily. Simple to install, easy to operate and a snap to maintain the Mini Chip Bagel Slicer is perfect for Supermarket Bakeries, Bagel Shops, Retail and Wholesale Bakeries, Cafés, Delis and more!

Ask us about bags! Available blank or custom printed.

Product Summary

The mini chip slicer makes it so easy to slice your bakery shrink into unique, profitable chips.

Key Features

  • Compact counter top design
  • Creates revenue stream from bakery shrink
  • Reprocess bagels and baguettes into snack chips
  • Create branding/merchandising of healthy snack options in bakery
  • Blade frame safety guard makes cleaning safe and easy
  • Blade frame cartridge replacement eliminates blade change service calls
  • Tool-free dis-assembly for easy cleaning of food contact surfaces
  • Simplified process keep labor cost low
  • Simple three step operation: Raise handle, Place product on top of blades, Lower handle while applying slight pressure to process product
  • Cycle counter-visual reminder for timely blade changes
  • Less than 6 month ROI for minimal daily sales
  • Product bags available: Unprinted and custom printed

Additional Details

  • Slice Spacing: 1/8” (3.175 mm)


1 phase, 60 Hz, 115 VAC, 4 Amps


Max product: 6" L x 6" W x 2" H


Stainless and painted steel


Shipping Weight: 100 lbs. (approximate)
Net Weight: 80 lbs. (approximate)

Model Numbers


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