Ask the Bagel Production Experts!

Empire Bakery Equipment's bagel making equipment can help your bagel operation produce delicious, quality product for your customers to enjoy. Our extensive track record of success in the bagel industry spans over 25 years. During that time, we've delivered, setup and maintained thousands of bagel shops and production facilities worldwide. From mixing the dough to baking the bagels, Empire equipment can help with every step in the process. Our complete line of equipment can accommodate a broad spectrum of production capacities, making it ideal for both retail and wholesale bagel operations.

Begin your bagel making process in an Empire Spiral Arm Mixer, strong enough to handle even the stiffest bagel dough. Once your dough has had a chance to rest, an Empire Bagel Divider & Former is the ideal choice for creating consistent, perfectly shaped bagels. With the ability to produce up to 3600 pieces per hour, your bagel production will move quickly and smoothly.

Finally, whether you choose the traditional boil and bake bagel method or the more modern steam bagel baking solution, Empire has the reliable bagel oven for you. With Rotating Rack Ovens and Revolving Ovens available in both gas and electric, we will help you determine the perfect bagel baking equipment for your needs. And when you've outgrown your current production and are ready for more, don't forget to ask about our Step-up/Trade-in Program to minimize your equipment cost as you grow!

Bagel Making Equipment from Empire

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