This April, Google released an interesting and detailed report about food trends of all kinds. From options like the Bundt cake that have shown steady growth in past years to the trends like rainbow donuts that skyrocket to fame just to fizzle out quickly, there are many different insights to be gained from this document.

The report included top trending themes, a few of which may spark an idea for something new to try in your bakery!

Food with a Function

Good-for-you ingredients are growing in popularity, with turmeric, apple cider vinegar, kefir and coconut milk being some of the most-searched. Able to help lower your blood pressure, provide arthritis relief and more, these foods are ones that many individuals want to begin incorporating into their diets, but often don’t know how.

If you have a growing number of health conscious customers, try creating unique new treats that include functional ingredients.

Traveling Through Taste

Google has seen a growing interested in the desire to experience other cultures through food, and this is a trend that we love! The desire to try ethnic foods allows bakers to pull their most cherished family recipes out of storage, re-creating grandma’s chocolate Babka or mochi ice cream for customers.

Bite-Sized Snacks

Similar to the idea of incorporating good-for-you ingredients into food, more and more consumers are looking to enjoy bite-sized desserts. Some of the most frequently searched snacks are mug cakes, pastelitos and apple pie cookies – all of which sound absolutely delicious.

Adding bite-sized options to your menu can help to attract a new sub-set of customers and will serve as a customizable way to offer your delectable creations to individuals with dietary restrictions.

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