Used in the creation of almost every baked good we can think of, eggs add flavor and perform the important function of holding the ingredients together. Egg replacers have seen a growth in popularity in recent years, attributed in part to the increase of individuals trying a vegan diet, which means that more and more bakeries are looking to make their mark by experimenting with their use in baked goods.

But how do egg replacers stack up to the real deal?

CuliNex conducted a series of studies testing real eggs against their most popular egg replacer substitutes in the creation of popular baked goods like brownies, muffins, sweet dough and chocolate chip cookies. When it came to the test, there were some noticeable differences between the baked goods made with real eggs and those that were not. Flavor, texture, batter viscosity and appearance were affected in almost every test, and in no test did an egg replacer perform better than whole eggs.

Videos were used to document the comparison of each egg-made baked good to its egg replacer counterpart, all of which can be viewed at

Although egg replacers are a great solution for vegans and individuals with egg allergies, these tests show that developing sweet treats with egg replacers will take your team a bit of time and experimenting. Not all egg replacers are made the same, and with starch-based, soy-based, whey-based options and more on the market, bakeries interested in offering egg-free sweets should experiment with their replacement options until they find the most flavorful and attractive solution.

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