With so many varieties available, it's no wonder America loves cookies! For so many bake shops around the country, cookie production has become a very profitable revenue stream. Now you want a piece of the action - but where to start? Choosing the right cookie production equipment may seem like a daunting task, but by following these simple tips you can easily resolve your cookie confusion and take the first steps toward profitability.

  1. Suprema_croppedKnow Your Options

    Cookie production is nothing if not diverse! Drop Cookie Machines, (also known as Spritz Cookie Machines), deposit cookie dough through a round or shaped depositing head; just like you would do with a pastry bag. These heads can be Stationary, Rotary or Multilevel giving you an almost endless selection of sizes and shapes. Wire-cut Cookie Depositors extrude your dough through a pre-formed mould then cut the cookie to the desired thickness with a wire. This type of production is great for gingerbread or Christmas cookies, for example, or almost any cookie you would roll out and cut with a cookie cutter. For a stamped cookies such as a shortbread biscuit a Rotary Moulder Cookie Machine would be the ideal choice. Finally, if you're planning to work with a batter to make cupcakes, muffins, or sheet cakes a Fluid Depositor should be high on your priority list. Whichever sweet treats you desire in your display case, it's important to identify them early so that you can select your equipment accordingly.
  2. pateachouxVersatility & Flexibility are Key

    Once you've decided which products you'd like to start your production with, consider what capabilities you might like to have available in the future. Perhaps you want to start with Drop Cookies but need the flexibility to add Pate a Choux. Or maybe you want to produce French Macarons, all the while keeping your eye on next year's big thing. Food trends come and go. Be sure to ask yourself, "Can the equipment I'm considering today keep up with my customer's palate tomorrow?"
  3. Identify Your Production Goals
    Your desired production capacity is important information to know when you speak to an equipment specialist. Are you looking to produce 1,000 cookies a day or 10,000? Purchasing more machine than you need is a waste of your time and resources. Inversely, purchasing too small of a machine will just lead to quality loss and inevitable equipment replacement. Both mistakes will only wind up costing you money. Be sure you keep your long-term goals in mind when making your cookie machine investment.
  4. untitledMaximize Your Space
    In this industry space proves to be a valuable commodity. Can you benefit from the increased speed of a standalone depositor, or does the space you have available dictate a table-top model? Does your layout allow you to maximize your production with a conveyor system, or will you be loading your baking trays by hand? Calculating your space requirements ahead of time will help to keep you focused on the machines that are a fit for you.
  5. Know Your Budget
    This one seems like a no brainer. However, there are a lot of things to consider when identifying your budget. Labor savings, for example. One person with a depositor could do the production volume of three bakers depositing by hand. That frees up valuable resources you could use to focus on other facets of production. In addition, today's financing opportunities could allow you to own a depositor for a few hundred dollars a month. Compare this to the increased production capabilities a cookie depositor can offer. You may find that a depositor will not only pay for itself but start turning a profit almost right away.


Whether you're looking to add diversity to your current product line or simply expand your existing cookie production, choosing the proper equipment is key. The right cookie production equipment can increase your efficiency without sacrificing the quality of your product. It can save you time and money, and still deliver the level of excellence your customers they've grown to expect from you. Working with experienced equipment specialists, like the team at Empire Bakery Equipment, can help ensure you find the perfect depositing solution for both your production needs and your budget.