Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, and you can’t Have you ever wondered how chocolate chip cookies were invented? Who was the genius foodie who decided to add these two separately delicious foods into one amazing treat? Read on to find out the entire history of the chocolate chip cookie!

Believe it or not, the chocolate chip cookie is not that old! Although it feels like it has been a dessert staple since the beginning of time, the chocolate chip cookie was only invented in 1938, making it only 81 years old. The chocolate chip cookie was invented by Ruth Wakefield in Whitman, Massachusetts. Ruth owned a restaurant called the Toll House Inn. Ring a bell? That’s right, the same Toll House you know and love today is the Toll House that first produced the chocolate chip cookie. Wakefield invented the first chocolate chip cookie as an accompaniment to ice cream, but it quickly took on a life of its own. The cookie became so popular, that Betty Crocker herself featured it on her radio program. If there is anyone at that time you want to love your cookie, it's Betty Crocker.

As the popularity of this cookie recipe grew and grew, Nestle took major interest. They asked Wakefield if they could use her cookie recipe under the Toll House name, and she gladly gave them the rights. In what was probably the best deal since the purchase of Manhattan, which was purchased for $24, Nestle bought the rights to the famous cookie recipe for ONE DOLLAR! That’s right, one single dollar, and a dollar that Wakefield said she never received. Rumor has it that Nestle offered her free chocolate for life so she never complained about the dollar (Can you blame her?).

There are many tales of the origin of the chocolate chip cookie—such as one that tells of a bowl of chocolate bars falling into a mixer full of cookie dough—but only one seems to be the true story. Wakefield simply took her talent for baking and degree in household arts to come up with a new flavor for a cookie. She took the popular Nestle semi-sweet chocolate bar and chopped up small pieces to add to the cookie dough. The result? A truly decadent treat that would eventually become an American icon!

Suprema_croppedToday the chocolate chip cookie continues to be an American favorite. From homemade to mass-produced and from fresh to franchised, the cookie is a staple in bakeries and home kitchens everywhere. The chocolate chip cookie is so popular, that bakeries need to produce them in large quantities to be able to keep up with demand. For retail and wholesale bakeries, Empire Bakery Equipment offers the BabyDrop Maxx, EURODROP and SUPREMA cookie depositors which are great for the large scale production of high quality chocolate chip cookies. These cookies depositors can produce anywhere from 120-180 consistent cookies per hour. That’s a lot of chocolate chips cookies!

So go grab yourself some ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies and celebrate the special treat that made Toll House chocolate chips famous. After all, without chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookies are just … well, a cookie!