Summer is here and with it comes hot days. While long summer days are great for the beach, they can have an affect on your bakery so it is important to know how to adjust your routine for the summer season. At Empire Bakery Equipment, we know the important of properly functioning and productive bakery, so we have offered some tips for baking in hot weather.

  1. Get your cookies in the oven ASAP! Believe it or not, if you let cookie dough sit in a warm humid kitchen, the butter in your dough will start to melt and separate from the dough. In these situations, it is beneficial to have a cookie depositor and double rack oven in order to quickly and efficiently make large quantities of cookies without having to leave them out too long or worry about room in your refrigerator to keep the cookie dough cool.
  2. Bread Dough Proofs/Ferments Quicker. Bread baking is very different in warm or humid temperatures. Your dough will actually proof quicker in the warmer weather when floor proofing, so it is advised to shorten the time you would normally let a dough proof when the weather gets hot. For a more controlled proofing environment in the hot summer days, we recommend a roll-in proofer that are foam insulated and have a rapid responding air-wash heat and humidity system.
  3. Keep an eye on your butter! With a warmer kitchen in the summer months, your butter will soften faster. If you are using recipes that requires softened butter, check the softness of your butter early and often to ensure that the butter does not get too soft and affect the overall texture of your baked goods!
  4. Reduce liquids in your recipes when humid. In order to counter balance the moisture in the air on humid days, try reducing the amount of liquid a recipe calls for by roughly one-quarter. If the recipe looks a bit too dry, add a splash of liquid at a time until the consistency is just right, however, keep in mind the dry ingredients will always absorb some moisture in the air on humid days. To accurately add the perfect amount of moisture at the exact recommended temperature, we recommend using a water meter.
  5. Protect your finished product. After you bake your bread in a deck oven to get that beautiful crust on your artisan bread, be sure to cover and protect your bread from the summer humidity. The moisture in the humid air can absorb into your bread and turn the crust soft. It would be a shame to bake delicious loafs of bread for your bakery and have it ruined by the hot weather.

Some bakery owners do not even realize how the summer weather can affect their business, but that’s why Empire is here to help. From bakery equipment to bakery consulting, we look out for our customers and make sure you are getting the most out of your bakery. For more information on summer baking requirements or to learn more about our equipment to help increase production and cut labor cost, give us a call today!