If you have not seen a photo on social media of someone holding two halves of a thick gooey chocolate chip cookie exposing the doughy insides of the delicious treat, then you either live under a rock or do not follow the right accounts on Instagram! The latest craze in food and baking is the thick chocolate chip cookie with a doughy inside. Although the classic thin, crispy on the outside soft on the inside chocolate chip cookie is still delicious, the buzz is all about going bigger. Bakeries all over are starting to offer this cookie to the masses and businesses are even getting their start on Instagram and specifically selling these cookies in unique variations such as S’mores, pumpkin spice, and even peanut butter and jelly. One example of the trend gaining massive momentum could be seen with Kookies and Kream Sarasota in Florida. Eric and Kelsea Koenreich wanted to make a cookie unlike one anyone in Florida had ever seen. After they did just that, their thick cookies hit Instagram and the combination of a mouthwatering product and the big cookie craze skyrocketed their Instagram account to over 10,000 followers. Today, they do their best to keep up with the high demand and continually add more flavors and variety to make sure everyone's sweet tooth is satisfied! To satisfy your thick cookie craving, we highly recommend checking out Kookies and Kream Sarasota.

[caption id="attachment_1036" align="alignleft" width="225"]Kookies and Kream Sarasota have taken the big cookie craze by storm! Kookies and Kream Sarasota have taken the big cookie craze by storm![/caption]

Trends like this one are often very valuable to retail bakeries looking to build momentum out of popularity. If your retail bakery is not already producing these thick cookies, then maybe it’s time to start! So, how do you make thick cookies that stay plump and gooey throughout the baking process? The secret is not only in the ingredients but in the development of the dough as well. One way to achieve a thick cookie is by using mostly brown sugar instead of white. The light brown sugar creates a thicker, softer and chewier cookie than the white sugar allows. Another ingredient alteration is the use of baking powder instead of baking soda. Baking soda can help create crispier cookies, but when it comes to these specific cookies, we area looking for thickness and a doughy center.

When it comes time for developing and handling the dough, it is important not to mold the dough or compress it in any way. Typically, cookie recipes instruct you to roll the dough into balls for a consistent round shape. However, these big treats require little handling so that the dough can stay light and airy to give it that thick fluffy core.

To get the best result for thick cookies, you’re going to need the proper cookie equipment to assist you in the process. A planetary dough mixer is crucial for this recipe. This mixer will properly whip the butter and sugar into a light and creamy consistency. Empire’s line of Vertical Dough Mixers uses a planetary motion that consistently blends, mixes, and aerates all ingredients with exceptional results. These vertical mixers will ensure you get the light cookie dough needed to create these specialty cookies.

Once the dough is mixed properly, as mentioned, there is no need to form. Simply pull the dough into even pieces and set on a baking sheet. With the dough made, the last piece of this thick and gooey puzzle is a proper bake. For retail bakeries wishing to produce these cookies in large quantities in order to keep up with demand, a rack oven is strongly recommended. Empire’s FOX Compact Single Rack Oven provides superior baking quality in a compact design. When space in your bakery is at a premium, the FOX Rack Oven is exactly what your bakery needs. With racks available in 10-20 pan capacities, you can produce the high volume needed for your retail bakery.

When it comes to the latest cookie craze, bigger is better. And when you need to produce big cookies in big amounts, Empire’s dough mixers and ovens are the cookie equipment your bakery needs to succeed. If you are looking to add this cookie trend to your bakery menu and need the proper, give us a call and we would be happy to help!