All bakers know the frustration of baking the perfect piece of artisan bread and then the next day, the same recipe does not yield that beautiful crust or crumb full of those big holes which are the telltale sign of a great bake. Consistency in baking is key, especially for retail and wholesale bakeries. You want to make sure your product is the same each time so that the consumer can get the same product they know and love. That perfect loaf of artisan bread is exactly what they come for, and a lack of consistency will reflect poorly on your bakery business. Luckily, Empire has some tips to ensure that you bake consistently each time.

  1. It comes down to a science. Remember that baking is ALL about science. If you want to produce the same product time in and time out, you need to measure your ingredients down to the exact measurements and make sure those measurements are recorded somewhere. This means weighing each ingredient properly and making sure the amount of water, and the water temperature is the same each time. We strongly recommend a water meter to automate water amount and temperature. Empire’s DOMIX Water Meter offers pin-point electronic control for your water dosing needs. This water meter has memory storing of up to 80 different recipes so you could get the exact amount and temperature of your water for all of your recipes for a consistent bake each time.
  2. Time is money. The amount of time is takes you to perform each step of the bread baking process is sometimes a forgotten factor in consistency. For example, one day you may let the bread proof for longer than another day, and the variation in proofing times can change the final product. We recommend using a timer the first time you bake and take note of how long each step in the process takes so that you could easily replicate them each time you bake. A good mixer will allow you to mix consistently at the same speed and time to ensure a consistent mix every bake. Empire’s IRIS Spiral Arm Mixer offers precision mixing controls that provide high output, fast mixing times and maximum consistency. The unique combination of exclusive features, advanced engineering, and rugged construction allows the IRIS to mix a superior end product time and time again.
  3. Bake bread to make that dough! The final bake is where the money is made. You have taken the proper steps to ensure consistent dough development. You do not want to waste it all on the final stage. There are 3 main factors that go into the final bake that weigh heavily on the level of consistency in your bread. Those factors are time, temperature and steam. Making sure your dough gets the proper temperature at the proper time with the right amount of steam is what will guarantee a consistent loaf each time you bake. Empire’s Stone Hearth Deck Ovens retain heat better than traditional bread ovens and maintain consistent temperature throughout the baking process. Empire’s LFKR Stone Hearth Deck Oven has steam generators strategically positioned in the firebox that is capable of producing consistent steam for your entire production. Suited with a digital thermostat and automatic steam timers, these deck ovens can produce nearly 400 loaves of consistent, high-quality artisan breads per bake.