Empire Bakery Equipment has always made it a priority to help assist bakers with everything they need to run a successful bakery. Michael Eggebrecht, an Artisan Bread Expert and Consultant for Empire Bakery Equipment, has been working with Empire to help better educate bakers on the best practices on both the baking end, as well as the business end.

Michael was exposed to the baking industry at a very young age growing up in a bakery. His parents owned and ran a family pastry bakery which opened in 1948 in Southern Illinois. Over the years, he found his passion for artisan bread and began his quest to master the art of artisan bread baking.

To further hone his skills he spent a week with Alan Scott, a renowned baker & brick oven builder. Learning and perfecting his craft, Michael has traveled all over the world to work with artisan bakeries. He offers real-world experience, skill, technique and hands-on knowledge in all facets of the baking industry. He is an expert in his field as a 9th generation baker, consultant and educator and has contributed to the success of bakeries throughout the world!

Michael is an active member of The Bread Bakers Guild of America and has been featured in Modern Baking, Baking and Snack, and Baker Buyers magazines, as well as numerous newsletters. He teaches classes for retail and wholesale bakeries, The Bread Lab, IBIE and the Artisan Bakery & Pizza Expo’s.

Michael’s expertise and vast knowledge of the baking industry can help your bakery business by determining the best equipment for the products you want to produce. As an industry leader in the use of modern equipment with traditional techniques, Michael can help your bakery use the latest in innovative bakery equipment to help increase production without taking away from the authentic production and baking processes that make your bakery artisan and unique.

Michael can help you optimize and simplify your bakery layout and design, giving your bakery the most efficient floor plan while reducing employee steps and using equipment to reduce labor costs. Michael helps to ensure your bakery is successful by applying his expertise and resources to assist with anything you and your bakery may need. Empire is proud to work with Michael and other experts within the baking industry!

Michael is passionate about teaching the ways of artisan bread baking, as seen in the video below where Michael gives a tutorial on the proper process of baking artisan baguettes. Watch, learn and enjoy!