Often times, small bakeries run into a similar problem that prevents them from increasing production and growing their business. And the problem is simply that they are SMALL bakeries. Successful small bakeries would love to move into a bigger space or open another location to keep up with its growing popularity and demand. However, the lack of space in the bakery prevents them from being able to increase production in order to grow. For all the small bakeries this problem pertains to, do not give up hope just yet. Empire Bakery equipment has a solution for you that could help increase your bakery’s production without needing a large bakery space.

The solution is quite simple. Small bakeries need bakery equipment with minimal footprints that can automate certain processes that usually take a great deal of time to do manually. Below is a list of bakery equipment pieces that can be placed in a small bakery space that won’t take up too much room but still help increase production.

BabyDrop Table-Top Cookie DepositorBABY DROP depliant.indd

The BabyDrop Cookie Depositor has been designed to be one of the most compact and versatile dropping machines available today. Its easy-to-use touch screen control panel with a 200-recipe memory capacity allows you to store your most popular cookie recipes for automation. Capable of producing 120 trays of consistent high-quality cookies per hour, this small but strong cookie machine will easily help your bakery pump up its cookie production numbers without taking up massive space in your kitchen. From macarons to meringues, this depositor is ideal for a wide variety of pastries and cookies so feel free to let your cookie imagination run wild!

Table-Top Reversible Dough Sheeter

Empire’s EASY Table-Top Dough and Pastry Sheeter is the ultimate multi-tasking tool for your bakery. Just as durable and well-built as their free-standing counterparts, the EASY sheeter features a compact design with fold-up side tables for easy storage and absolute minimum footprint when not in use. Large diameter rollers and significant dough capacity provides consistent, high-quality production. Sheeting dough, especially laminated doughs for croissants and other pastries, can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Until now, most bakers thought their bakery did not have enough space for an automatic sheeter. Thanks to the EASY Table-Top Dough Sheeter, bakers with small spaces can now have a sheeter to increase production without sacrificing major floor space.

LFR-FOC Rotating Rack Oven

When space is at a premium, Empire’s FOX Rotating Rack Oven is here to save the day. If you think your bakery space is too small for a high-quality, long-lasting and reliable rack oven, think again. At only 43 inches wide, 66 inches deep and 78 inches tall, this rack oven can be tucked away in your bakery space while still being able to bake 10-20 pans of delicious pastries, breads and cookies per run. The FOX’s gentle airflow and energy-efficient design will provide your bakery with high-quality baking and years of low-cost operation!

LFM-D Modular Electric Deck Oven

Who says a deck oven needs to be a massive space swallowing machine? The LFM-D Modular Electric Deck Oven is a baker’s dream! Designed with a compact structure for inclusion in tight spaces, the LFM-D is made with the space-tight bakery in mind. The oven’s state-of-the-LFMD_2T-3Deck_Hood_LCD_12-22art heating elements use as little as 11 kW of power, even while producing steam. So not only is it saving you space, but it is saving you money as well. The digital controls are super easy to use and thanks to its thermal insulation, can be installed at zero clearance against a wide range of materials. All of this and more makes the LFM-D one of the most versatile electric deck ovens on the market today! So next time you think your bakery space is too small for equipment to help beef up production and automate the more labor-intensive processes, think again and give Empire Bakery Equipment a call.