There is no denying it. Small businesses are suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Empire Bakery Equipment is experiencing first hand the impact the current crisis is having on small retail bakeries all over the country. Things are no longer businesses as usual, but as the "new normal" continues to change, one thing that won’t change is Empire’s continued support of bakeries and restaurants everywhere. We have been reaching out to bakery businesses and letting them know Empire is in their corner and standing by with any needs they may have during this difficult time.

Why is supporting local small businesses so important? Local small business is essential to the economy. Local small business brings so much to the community including growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and employment. As we continue to do our part with helping small businesses during this time, here are some ways you can support your local small food businesses.

  1. Many restaurants and bakeries are offering delivery, curbside pickup and even online ordering. To many of these smaller food businesses, that is their only source of revenue and they are doing everything they can to continue to operate and provide their community with their favorite foods in a time of need. Do what you can to order some meals from these places once in a while during your quarantine. It will not only make the businesses happy but your stomach as well!
  2. Another way to help small businesses is to purchase gift cards. Even if a store is closed and temporarily halting operation, their website may still offer the purchase of a gift card. This is a great way to help small businesses. They can then be gifted to those in need, used to buy items during quarantine, or saved for the conclusion of this pandemic.
  3. Many people follow their favorite local small businesses on social media. Whenever those businesses make an announcement regarding their menu, store hours, or delivery services, share it on your own social media! This simple task may not seem like much, but helping to get the word out is extremely valuable at this time.
  4. When choosing food delivery, give that delivery person a larger than normal tip. These acts of kindness go a long way during these difficult times and greatly help those small retail businesses and their employees.

We encourage that all communities rally around their local bakeries and restaurants. They need your support now more than ever. If there are any bakeries or restaurants that need help continuing their daily operations, Empire is providing critical services, such as parts, service and support, to essential businesses such as yours.

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