Some bakeries and restaurants have started to figure out how to navigate the current pandemic and successfully operate their business while adhering to the government guidelines. We have seen businesses offer delivery for the first time, open up their shop online and reconfigure their bakery layouts. It puts a smile on our face to see our customers handling a difficult situation with such positivity. However, we need to ask ourselves what will things be like when the pandemic subsides?

The future may be relatively unknown, but no matter which way things go, Empire Bakery Equipment will be there to help you traverse the challenges that lie ahead. We could see a boom in retail bakeries, bagel shops and cafes as people attempt to go back to their normal routines – or as close to normal as possible in the circumstances. We take for granted the simple task of going to get a bagel and coffee, but ‘grab-n-go’ food like this will be appealing to people looking to avoid prolonged exposure to crowds. In addition, we have to consider the economic aspects. With nearly 22 million Americans filing for unemployment in recent weeks, you can be sure people are going to be a little more conservative about where and how they spend. Individual treats – like cupcakes, macarons, specialty donuts and pastries - offer people a relatively inexpensive way to treat themselves even when they are forced to make sacrifices elsewhere. Considering these thoughts, it’s likely we will see an increase in demand for retail and counter-service modeled businesses. Will you be ready?

When it comes to a need for increased production, Empire has your back. We have everything you need from vertical and spiral arm mixers to deck ovens, rack ovens, dough production and all the smallwares your business needs to stay efficient during a time when it is most important. We understand how critical this time will be for bakeries and cafes to bounce back after such a difficult time, and Empire is here with you every step of the way.

With an increase in demand, you need to make sure more than ever that your machines are running efficiently and effectively. The last thing your business needs during recovery is equipment that is not working properly. Empire’s Dream Builders United initiative lists preventative maintenance tips you can do yourself in order to ensure your equipment is working properly to avoid any downtime. We are also here for any parts you may need to order, as well as any servicing your machines may need to keep your bakery or restaurant operating smoothly in order to take full advantage.

There is little doubt that the COVID-19 Pandemic will have a widespread impact on how we operate each day. Bakeries, cafes and bagel shops will have to start looking at their dining areas and asking themselves if the space is too cluttered. We may also see businesses permanently offering online ordering, delivery and curbside-to-go pickup services. Many have started to do so out of necessity, but now that they know the possibilities, business owners may continue to offer these services moving forward as a way to increase revenue.

We can only speculate as to what the industry will look like once this is all over. Many things are still uncertain, but one that you can always count on is that Empire Bakery Equipment is committed to your success. No matter what the situation or need, Empire will offer you our full support to ensure that your business rebounds strong and stays that way!