The current pandemic we find ourselves in is affecting our everyday ways of life and more importantly, how we operate our businesses. Bakeries are being forced to think outside the box and get creative in order to continue operating successfully. Now more than ever, how you market and promote your bakery is extremely important and can be the difference-maker.

One of the most important marketing tools during the pandemic is social media. If your bakery does not currently utilize social media, now is the time to hop aboard. If your bakery is using social media, it is now time to reevaluate your messaging and strategies to stay successful during COVID-19.

  • Take advantage of the user increases. Social media platforms saw a 70% increase in usage in March/April. People are using these platforms to stay informed and entertained. Keep your customers informed with available menu items, store hours that may have changed, links to online ordering, and photos of product.
  • Utilize inexpensive ad campaigns. Advertising on social media can be an inexpensive way to reach your target audience. Compared to advertising on Google, social media advertising can be successful at a minimal budget. As many businesses scale back on web ads, social media advertising may be beneficial.
  • Do your research. Social media can also be a valuable research tool during the pandemic. Look around, how are people and customers feeling? Are they working from home? Ordering food online more than usual? Are they struggling to find certain grocery items? All of this information can be observed on social media and used to connect your bakery with the consumer.
  • Focus on the customer. Your message on social media is very important during such a sensitive time. Focus less on your and more on them. ROI is important, but engagement is more important on social media during these difficult times. Don’t be afraid to promote your business, but keep your messaging subtle and sympathetic to the consumer.
  • Get creative with video. Now is the time to start experimenting with social media features such as live video. Live video could be used to share your story during the current pandemic, host a Q&A and a live baking segment where you give customers a behind the scenes look.
  • Leverage Trendy Hashtags. Using relevant and popular hashtags should be something your practice daily on your social media. Do some research on the most popular hashtags related to the pandemic to help elevate the visibility of your content. Some tools you can use are All Hashtag and Keyhole.

We understand how difficult it could be to market your bakery during the current pandemic, however, these social media marketing tips are simple, cost-effective ways to ensure your business stays relevant to its consumers online and could help keep your business successful during such trying times.