Bakers everywhere know the feeling.  Business is good, and demand is high but production is at a standstill. The lack of staff and the aches in your hands could clearly indicate that something needs to be done about your bakery’s dough production process. Divining, weighing, sheeting and rounding your dough manually is a very laborious task, especially as your bakery business starts to grow. You can lay those tired hands to rest by efficiently automating your dough production.

When it comes to automation, Empire Bakery Equipment knows a thing or two. In fact, for over 45 years they have been offering quality bakery equipment solutions that allow bakeries to streamline their production without sacrificing quality and consistency. With that said here is why your bakery should start automating production and how it can be achieved.

Reduce Labor Costs

Despite the fact that labor is hard to find these days, it can also be expensive for small to mid-size bakeries to hire people to meet the needs of a growing business. Empire’s bakery production equipment offers simple solutions that can be operated by just one person in order to maximize production. For example, Empire’s dough divider and rounder can accurately and consistently divide and round your dough at various weight ranges. At the touch of a button, you can have over 50 perfect dough rounds without having to spend extra time hand-dividing and weighing the dough over and over again. Empire’s production solutions will be the best employee your bakery can hire.

Keep Up with Demand

Seeing growth in your bakery is always a good thing, until its not. Growth in your bakery’s popularity is meaningless unless you can keep up with the increase in demand that follows. Luckily, Empire’s bakery production equipment is there to lend a helping hand. Dough dividers will help you accurately divide up to 44 lbs of dough in seconds, while automatic dough sheeters can perfectly sheet your laminated dough with the push of a button. Your increases in output and keeping up with demand will allow your bakery to turn a larger profit and these machines will pay for themselves in no time!

Maintain Quality & Consistency

When it comes to baked goods, quality and consistency are key. It is what will set your bakery apart from the competition. When a consumer purchases a product from your bakery, they want the product to be the same the next time they come in. This kind of quality and consistency is crucial to customer retention. Empire’s bakery production equipment will help you automate the production of products more efficiently without sacrificing the overall quality and ensure consistency each and every time.

For over 45 years Empire has been helping to build better bakeries. That is accomplished by providing quality and proven equipment that will help growing bakeries grow and understaffed bakeries overcome challenges. At Empire, we always say our greatest measure of success is YOUR success and our bakery production equipment will help guide you on that road to success.