In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. As a result, many states around the country have begun to take action. One such initiative is the ban on gas ovens in some countries, which has sparked controversy and debate among home cooks and professional chefs alike. California, New York, Colorado and Washington have already passed measures that restrict gas oven use and more states are starting to plan out similar restrictions in their areas as well.

This will not effect those states currently using gas, however. These laws are designed to change the future and any new buildings or businesses will now be prohibited from putting gas ovens and other gas appliances in their locations. Bakers and chefs alike are worried about the changes in their products being affected by a switch from gas ovens and stoves.

Bakers and chefs should have no fear. Empire is already way ahead of the curve and has been offering a variety of superior electric deck ovens for years. For over 45 years, Empire has been building better bakeries and many of these bakeries utilize electric-powered deck ovens. Empire currently offers three deck ovens that use electric power and do a superior job. You have the compact and powerful ENERGY-MT Electric Deck Oven, the versatile and practical LFM-D Modular Electric Deck Oven and the high-capacity artisan-quality ENERGY-MAXX Electric Deck Oven that round out the electric deck oven category. These ovens are the solution to the concerns of gas ovens being banned in your state. How? Great question.

These electric ovens share the same technologies and features that their gas counterparts offer. Empires electric deck ovens offer superior heat retention, an artisan-quality stone deck baking surface, and well-insulated decks that produce an even and consistent bake. While the idea of a gas ban may be a controversial and concerning one, there are many benefits to switching to electric.

  1. Empire Electric Deck Ovens use up to 50% less energy than traditional ovens, saving you money on your energy bill. And who doesn’t love paying less on their bills?
  2. Its simply better for the environment. Removing our reliance on fossil fuels and reducing our carbon footprint makes for a better future for ourselves and generations to come. It’s a simple way to help make the environment a healthier place.
  3. Receive quality results. Just because you switch to electric, doesn’t mean your product won’t be any less baked off or a lesser quality. We pride ourselves in creating electric ovens that produce artisan-quality products with consistent results.
  4. Our electric ovens offer excellent thermal insulation for installation at near-zero clearance. This is perfect for ovens with limited space.

Don’t get us wrong, the switch to electric won’t be void of any challenges. For example, they may tend to take longer to get to temperature than gas ovens or may require some adjusting to the temperature and time you take to bake product. Luckily, these are all things that the baker needs to work with and figure out, but once you are locked in, the results will be outstanding and success will follow!

As the world continues to prioritize sustainability and environmental protection, we can expect to see more and more bakeries and restaurants making the switch to electric ovens. Those that are required to make the switch to electric can do so now without worry, knowing that Empire Bakery Equipment has the perfect solution for them.