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  1. How to Take Advantage of the Challenging Economy to Bake a Better Tomorrow

    Your customers have a choice. We see it every day. In the news, at the store, filling up at the pump - reminders of the recession that's taken hold around us. Unemployment is up, consumer confidence is down, and the global economy is struggling. To say that the financial climate is 'grey' is putting it nicely! Admittedly, businesses everywhere are...

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  2. Which Cookie Machine is Right For Me?

    With so many varieties available, it's no wonder America loves cookies! For so many bake shops around the country, cookie production has become a very profitable revenue stream. Now you want a piece of the action - but where to start? Choosing the right cookie production equipment may seem like a daunting task, but by answering just a few simple...

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  3. Proof Positive: Changing from wood to plastic proofing baskets.

    Changing from wood to plastic proofing baskets enabled Corner Bakery to improve maintenance and increase production. Corner Bakery understands the “art” of artisan baking. They take pride in their personal approach to producing high-quality, hand-crafted breads for their many retail food service locations. “What makes us stand apart is the fact that we use only the finest ingredients, and we...

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  4. Increase Your In-Store Bakery Business with High Quality Artisan Breads

    Jason Ferreira owns five of the over 100 Met Food supermarket locations in the NY area. He had a vision to increase his supermarket bakery business by offering his customers better quality artisan-style breads. Until that time, he was buying par-baked bread from a local supplier and baking it off in a small convection oven. Jason knew that in order...

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  5. With Oil Prices on the Rise Again, How Can I Save on Fuel Costs?

    Joe DiFiore, owner and operator of Monreale Bakery in Hicksville, NY, asked himself this very question. He found his answer in Empire's Vapor Tube Deck Oven. By replacing their traditional revolving tray oven with an Empire LF Deck Oven, Joe saved 75% on his existing fuel bill. “My energy usage is now one fourth what it was when I was...

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  6. Direct vs. Indirect Water Chillers

    In today's market, customers demand quality and consistency in your product. To that end, precision temperature control is key, making a good water chiller a must in any bakery. But how will you know which one is right for you? When shopping for a water chilling system, you have many options. The first and perhaps most important choice you have...

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  7. Welcome to the Baker's Corner!

    Empire Bakery Equipment is America's leading supplier of spiral mixers, deck ovens, cookie and pastry machines and production equipment to the bakery industry. Whether you bake breads and rolls, bagels, cookies, pastries, pizza or anything in between, Empire has the knowledge and experience to not only supply you with the proper equipment, but to support you on your way to...

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