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  1. Dessert Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

    Dessert Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner so there’s no time like the present to start preparing for the holiday. Themed desserts are sure to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more long after the holiday. These simple and easy desserts make a great option for customers to buy either individually for a special treat or...

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  2. Baking Tips and Tricks

    Baking Tips and Tricks

    Baking is a skill that can always be improved upon. If you are looking to produce higher quality baked goods, consider tweaking your recipes and methods. We have compiled a small list of tips and tricks for creating delicious and high quality baked goods. Quality of the Flour Don’t skimp on the quality of the flour that you purchase. You...

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  3. Creating Healthier Baked Goods

    Creating Healthier Baked Goods

    Limiting ourselves to just a few cookies or just one donut often feels impossible. Knowing how much sugar is packed into one baked good might make your customers a little hesitant to indulge in sweets, so it’s important to offer healthier baked good options as an alternative. You can modify your baking habits to include healthier choices by substituting certain...

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  4. Process of Opening a Bakery

    Process of Opening a Bakery

    We recently shared a post about what equipment you would typically need to open your own bakery, but opening a bakery is an extensive process that requires much more than just purchasing equipment. You’ll need a business plan, secured finances, a secured location, and much more. Narrow It Down If you are looking to open your bakery, you should first...

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  5. Equipment You Need To Open a Bakery

    Equipment You Need To Open a Bakery

    Does the idea of opening a bakery sound incredibly delicious to you, but you just don’t know where to start? Well with a bit of help from Empire Bakery, you can get all of the tools and equipment that you need to start baking bread and doughnuts in no time at all. Take a read below for some of the...

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  6. Baking with Nuts this Holiday Season

    Baking with Nuts this Holiday Season

    Bakeries are constantly searching for a way to improve their baked goods or set themselves apart from competitors. Adding nuts to your baked goods this holiday season will provide the baked good with a unique flavor and texture. Different nuts provide different tastes and some work better in certain baked goods compared to others. Almonds Almonds have great health benefits...

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  7. Best Holiday Recipes for Your Bakery

    Best Holiday Recipes for Your Bakery

    If you want to set your bakery apart from your competitors this holiday season, it is important to have some sweet treats prepared  that customers can easily pick-up and take to a holiday party of serve at their own. There are several “classics” that people are expecting bakeries to have available and we have compiled a list of suggestions. Old...

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  8. Prepare Your Bakery for the Holiday Season

    Prepare Your Bakery for the Holiday Season

    As the holiday season quickly approaches, many bakeries start to experience mass orders and mass crowds on a regular basis. While the chaos of the holiday season benefits most bakeries, it can also make the season particularly overwhelming. It is important for bakeries to be prepared for the holiday season before it comes and there are several ways to do...

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  9. Bakery Equipment Maintenance

    Bakery Equipment Maintenance

    The equipment you use in your bakery is just as important as the ingredients you use in your bakery, which is why maintaining your bakery equipment is vital. By keeping your bakery equipment maintained, your equipment will last longer and function better. There are some simple ways to protect the longevity of your baking equipment to help save you dollars...

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  10. Certified Organic Foods On the Rise

    Certified Organic Foods On the Rise

    “Organic” has become an extremely appealing word to consumers. From packages of banana flavored yogurt to bags of crunchy green snacks, the word organic is making its way onto many products we purchase at the grocery store. Grocery stores now have designated organic aisles that have quickly become crowded with shoppers. To clarify, organic products are grown without the use...

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