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  1. Financial Tips on Opening a Bakery

    Financial Tips on Opening a Bakery

    If your dream has always been to open and operate your own bakery, what’s stopping you? If you’re worried about the financial logistics of being a bakery business owner, following these simple steps can simplify the process. Budget Basics The first step you need to take to open your own business, bakery or otherwise, is to figure out what you...

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  2. Getting On Board with Bread

    Getting On Board with Bread

    A great loaf of bread is good for your soul. Being able to bake bread is the sign of a true bakery, and customers are seeking out unique loaves of bread as often as they are seeking out cupcakes, cookies, and otherwise. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite bread recipes that will give customers a reason to keep...

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  3. Creating Healthier Baked Goods

    Creating Healthier Baked Goods

    Limiting ourselves to just a few cookies or just one donut often feels impossible. Knowing how much sugar is packed into one baked good might make your customers a little hesitant to indulge in sweets, so it’s important to offer healthier baked good options as an alternative. You can modify your baking habits to include healthier choices by substituting certain...

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  4. Prepare Your Bakery for the Holiday Season

    Prepare Your Bakery for the Holiday Season

    As the holiday season quickly approaches, many bakeries start to experience mass orders and mass crowds on a regular basis. While the chaos of the holiday season benefits most bakeries, it can also make the season particularly overwhelming. It is important for bakeries to be prepared for the holiday season before it comes and there are several ways to do...

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  5. Certified Organic Foods On the Rise

    Certified Organic Foods On the Rise

    “Organic” has become an extremely appealing word to consumers. From packages of banana flavored yogurt to bags of crunchy green snacks, the word organic is making its way onto many products we purchase at the grocery store. Grocery stores now have designated organic aisles that have quickly become crowded with shoppers. To clarify, organic products are grown without the use...

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  6. Create a ‘Buying Environment’ in Your Bakery

    Create a ‘Buying Environment’ in Your Bakery

    Even if your bakery has the most delicious treats in town, there is much more to getting customers to pick up their breads, cookies and pies at your store than a promise of flavorful goodness. Shoppers want a visit to their favorite store to be a special experience, one that allows them to escape from their stresses for a minute...

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