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  1. 6 Fresh Baking Trends for 2016

    6 Fresh Baking Trends for 2016

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics points to the ongoing growth in population and income as key factors fueling the increasing demand for specialty baked goods. Many of the trends that will prove to be most profitable for bakeries in 2016 are already underway, so let’s look at the signs that indicate six especially significant industry trends we’re anticipating. 1) Farmers...

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  2. Promotion Ideas for Your Bakery

    Promotion Ideas for Your Bakery

    While your flavorful desserts and fresh breads are appealing, it takes more than just the heavenly scent of your shop to get customers to stop in. Creating a strong promotional plan can really boost your business, drawing in new customers and giving your loyal shoppers another reason to come by your store. From loyalty programs to online efforts, there are...

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  3. 3-D Baking Takes Confections to Another Level

    3-D Baking Takes Confections to Another Level

    Imagine being able to create a cake design just by hitting the "print" button on a special printer. Or creating a wedding cake topper that looks exactly like the bride and groom. Or maybe you'd like to wow a corporate client with 3-D sugar logos for business meeting coffee breaks. The possibility is not as futuristic as it may seem...

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  4. Creating An Attractive Display in Your Bakery

    Creating An Attractive Display in Your Bakery

    There is nothing more appetizing than an eye-catching display of fresh baked good, and if you are looking for a way to make your shop standout, an attractive display is just the way to do so. There are plenty of different ways to arrange your sugary creations, but no matter what type of stand or shelving you have them on...

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  5. Bakery Trends to Watch for in 2016

    Bakery Trends to Watch for in 2016

    2016 is finally here and a new year offers the perfect opportunity to try your hand at creating some delicious and unique pastries, breads and pies. As with all industries, there are plenty of new trends on the horizon for 2016 and here at Empire Bakery Equipment we can’t wait to see which of these gourmet dessert ideas you decide...

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  6. Get the Best Shots of Your Tastiest Treats

    Get the Best Shots of Your Tastiest Treats

    Social media is a must-have part of every business today, and the best way for bakeries to make an impact is with photographs of the delicious breads, cookies and cakes they make. With so many editing tools and apps out there customers expect to see quality pictures everywhere they look, which is where a few quick tips from the professionals...

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  7. Gingerbread Throughout the Years

    Gingerbread Throughout the Years

    From brightly lit trees and family gatherings, there is so much to love about the holiday season. Here at Empire Bakery, we especially love the smell of fresh baked cookies. There are so many delicious seasonal cookies to choose from, including delicious gingerbread. Symbolic of the holiday season, gingerbread houses have been a Christmas favorite since the 16th century. Earliest...

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  8. Experience the Baking Revolution

    Experience the Baking Revolution

    We have exciting news to announce here at Empire Bakery Equipment!  Our newly redesigned Revolving Tray Oven is taking the industry by storm! The new Empire LC Revolving Tray Oven is ideal for pizzas, breads, pastries, bagels and everything in between.  Solid design, robust capacity and keen aesthetics work in harmony to create a product that can only be described...

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  9. Bakery Trends: The French Macaron

    Bakery Trends: The French Macaron

    Next time you’re thinking about adding to the selection of sweet treats in your bakery, consider that there is a popular – and naturally gluten-free – treat that has been making a big splash state-side recently. Of course, we’re talking about the delicate and delicious French macaron, a traditional dessert with origins tracing back to the Renaissance. Mr. Macaron (of www.mrmacaron.com...

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  10. Organic, Gluten-Free and Natural: Best Marketing and Preparing Practices

    Organic, Gluten-Free and Natural: Best Marketing and Preparing Practices

    Organic, gluten-free and natural labeled foods are competing for popularity and customers’ attention on the shelves at bakeries and grocery stores around the world, but how are these terms different and what is important about each in terms of marketing? Organic Organic produce and baking ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms or ionizing...

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