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  1. Certified Organic Foods On the Rise

    Certified Organic Foods On the Rise

    “Organic” has become an extremely appealing word to consumers. From packages of banana flavored yogurt to bags of crunchy green snacks, the word organic is making its way onto many products we purchase at the grocery store. Grocery stores now have designated organic aisles that have quickly become crowded with shoppers. To clarify, organic products are grown without the use...

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  2. Bakery Trends: Healthy Treats

    Bakery Trends: Healthy Treats

    Over the past few years, healthier eating habits have become a point of focus for many Americans, with organic and whole grain ingredients becoming highly sought after for shoppers across the country. The National Restaurant Association has found that 71 percent of adults are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than two years ago, but just because your customers are...

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