Helping Your Dough Take Shape

Bakery bread moulders save you the time and effort of dividing dough and shaping bread, while making perfectly-shaped items every time. Empire's professional baking equipment allows you to speed up your operation and make more items, without sacrificing quality. You can spend more time on the tasks that require your expert skill and attention, while leaving monotonous tasks to automated machines. You will never have to be late on an order again, and you will always have plenty of bakery items on hand.

Empire's dough moulder machines allow you to make a variety of shapes using many different dough types. With many different machines to choose from, you can automate bread shaping and make many different types without spending more time. The bakery bread moulders allow you to make complex or simple bread types, including baguettes, finger rolls, long loaves or petit pans. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, the machines are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Optional features like flour-dusters can save you even more time and ensure your bread is perfectly shaped every time.

See specifications on each of the bread moulders and order professional baking equipment for your bakery today from Empire. For more information on any item, contact Empire.

Bakery Equipment from Empire

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