Automate Your Cookie Production

With affordable Cookie Depositors from Empire Bakery Equipment, we can add speed and efficiency to your cookie production. Empire's complete line of cookie makeup equipment offers automatic spritz and wire cut cookie machines for a variety of shapes and sizes from soft and hard to fluid dough.

For the production of stationary spritz cookies, the BabyDrop Cookie Depositor offers a cost effective solution with a space saving design. The Suprema Cookie Depositing system is the ultimate solution for stationary and rotary spritz cookies, wire-cut and even multi-level drop cookies. And, with the addition of Empire's optional soft dough head, you can expand these capabilities even further!

No matter what type of cookie you need to make, including butter cookies, french macaroons, shortbread biscuits, almond pastries, meringues, lady’s fingers, biscotti logs, cream puffs, sponge cakes, cupcakes, muffins and more, Empire Cookie Depositors can help!

Cookie Depositing Equipment from Empire

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