SP-240 Soft Dough Divider

  • SP-240 Soft Dough Divider

The SP-240 Automatic Soft Dough Divider is the ideal machine for entry into the booming market for Ciabatta. It is particularly well suited for the production of soft doughs (75-80% hydration) like Ciabatta and Casereccio. Its interchangeable knife cutting system is gentle to the dough and flexible for pieces 2-9 1/2 inches wide and a variety of weights from 1 - 46 ounces. The SP-240 features a generous 240mm inlet belt and manual adjustments for both thickness and speed of the cutting knives.

Optional features include a long-loaf moulder with adjustable table for the moulding of small french loaves, a flour duster placed on either the inlet belt or on the head, Stainless Steel covers or a completely Stainless Steel machine.

Standard Features

  • Perfect for a wide range of soft doughs (75-80% hydration)
  • Flexible production from 1 to 40 oz.
  • Interchangeable knife system available in 1 -6 rows.
  • Stainless Steel drawer for the collection of finished product.
  • Manual adjustment of thickness and knife speed.

Optional Features

  • Long-loaf moulder with adjustable table.
  • Flour duster placed on either the inlet belt or on the head.
  • Long-loaf moulding device on the outlet belt.
  • Stainless Steel models available.

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