The Lyra 2 Pocket Roll Divider Rounder

  • The Lyra 2 Pocket Roll Divider Rounder

Looking for a machine for your bakery or cafe that can save you time and money every day? The LYRA 2 Pocket Roll Divider Rounder can produce up to 4000 pieces per hour between 1 and 5 1/2 ounces. The hopper can hold approximately 40 lbs of dough. The way it works is dough is gently fed to the adjustable dividing chambers by a star wheel dosing system. When adjusted it gives the required weight with minimal punishment for maintaining artisan quality products.

Easily interchanged chambers round the dough in two stages, providing gentle handling and superior rounding. The rounding mechanism is adjustable for both speed and pressure for even the gentlest dough. The dough is discharged from the rounder for manual panning or can be coupled to a proofer or moulding station for an automated process if you wish. The touch screen control panel can store 50 programs and is operated by a PLC. Take a look at our brochure and video below to learn more.

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