SPA Dough Divider Rounder

  • SPA Dough Divider Rounder Head View
  • SPA Dough Divider Rounder Model A
  • SPA Dough Divider Rounder Model TA
  • SPA Dough Divider Rounder Model SA

The SPA Dough Divider/Rounder is the perfect labor-saving addition to your bakery, pizzeria, cafe or restaurant. Buns, rolls, pizza dough, even tortillas - just to name a few - can be divided and rounded quickly and consistently.

The SPA Series is composed of three models: semi-automatic, three-quarter automatic and fully automatic. It's sturdy steel- frame is galvanized and electro-welded for strength. Cleaning and maintenance are a snap thanks to it's easy-tilt aluminum cast head; and the 304 stainless-steel knives and food-safe polyethylene plates are designed to provide years of reliable, worry-free production. All of the SPA Dough Divider/Rounders fully conform to CE standards.

  • Available in Three Models:
    • Semi-Automatic (SPA-SA)
      Hand Lever Operated Dividing and Rounding
    • Three-quarter Automatic (SPA-TA)
      Push Button Dividing, Lever Operated Rounding
    • Fully Automatic (SPA-A)
      Push Button Dividing and Rounding
  • Divides and Rounds Dough from 1/2 oz - 9 1/8 oz.
  • Easy-Tilt Aluminum Cast Head for Simple Cleaning.
  • Sanitary 304 Stainless-Steel Dividing Knives.
  • Ships with 3 Food-Safe Polyethylene Plates.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame Construction Provides Years of Worry-Free Production.
  • Configurations from 15 to 52 Divisions Available.
  • Maximum Dough Capacity of 8 3/4 lbs per Divide.
  • Fully Conforms to CE Standards.

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