Empire Dough Sheeters

Empire's dough bakery sheeter helps you save time, money and energy, while making better products on a faster timeline. The reversible dough sheeters are a must-have addition to your industrial dough equipment, ideal for large and mid-sized bakeries looking to increase production. With many different sizes available with multiple features, Empire makes it easy to select a machine that fits perfectly into your bakery and gives you room to grow.

Choose table-top dough sheeting equipment or floor model industrial dough equipment to produce hundreds of items faster than ever. With mechanized features, the dough sheeter machine produces identical items with top quality every time. The industrial dough equipment can be used for laminated dough, pie crusts, cookies, fondant, pet treats and many other bakery items. Choose from reversible dough sheeters with automatic rolling, flour-dusting mechanisms or even equipment you can program and reprogram to make the items you need. These items are easy to clean and maintain, with versatile operations that allow you to make many different items.

Click to learn more about all of Empire's industrial dough equipment. See the dimensions, sheeting capacity, electrical requirements, optional features and other specifications to see how each piece fits into your bakery.

Dough Sheeting Equipment from Empire

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