MecaMATIC™ Vapor Tube Multi-Deck Industrial Tunnel Oven

MecaMATIC™ Vapor Tube Multi-Deck Tunnel Oven

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Introducing the MecaMATIC™ Vapor Tube Tunnel Oven - the pinnacle of multi-deck tunnel oven efficiency and design! Available in 3 or 4 deck configurations, the MecaMATIC™ vapor tube oven is perfectly suited for medium to high volume hearth and pan bread production. Its vapor tube technology distributes heat evenly and consistently for even the most demanding artisan breads. With our automatic loading and unloading system, the MecaMATIC™ proves to be the keystone of any fully automated baking line. When compared to traditional baking alternatives, the MecaMATIC™ industrial tunnel oven boasts better product quality, higher production and significant savings in space, fuel, labor and cost.

  • Multi-Deck Design provides equal or better baking capacity in a fraction of the space when compared to a traditional tunnel oven.
  • Proven Vapor Tube System is encased in cement, providing optimum heat retention.
  • Unique Steam System is ideal for crusty, artisan-style hearth products and minimizes boiler requirements.
  • Loading and Unloading System automatically feeds either hearth product or pans.
  • The Baking Conveyor - available in steel mesh, metallic slat and refractory slat designs - never leaves the baking chamber, minimizing heat loss and maximizing bake quality.
  • Baking Surface sizes available from 285 to 1063 sq/ft. making it an excellent alternative to multiple deck ovens.
  • Multi-Deck Design allows for different bake times on each deck.
  • Thanks to its unique design, the MecaMATIC™ costs up to 1/3 LESS than comparable single pass tunnel ovens.

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