PSA Automatic Oven Loader

Load and Unload Your Deck Oven With Ease!

Empire PSA Oven Loaders, available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models, are the perfect compliment to our complete line of stone hearth deck ovens. The Semi-Automatic PSA-1 utilizes an advanced counterweight system to raise and lower the mechanism smoothly, while the Fully Automatic PSA-2 features state-of-the art motorized lifting controls to maneuver at the push of a button. Both models eliminate the need for hand peels and manual setters, making the loading and unloading of breads, rolls and pan goods a snap. When you need to increase the efficiency and productivity of your oven, count on an Empire PSA Oven Loader!

  • Simplifies oven loading and unloading.
  • Perfect for breads, rolls and pan goods.
  • Fits all LF, LFK and LFKR oven models.
  • Eliminates the need for hand peels and manual loaders.
  • Powered in-and-out operation.
  • Precision balanced counterweight lifting system. (PSA-1)
  • Motorized lifting system with push button control. (PSA-2)

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