Gentle Handling is the Key to Quality Production

High quality baked goods continue to make tremendous gains in the marketplace and gentle handling is the key to retaining that handmade quality in your products. Our premium dough dividing, dough moulding and dough handling equipment will help you maximize your production while maintaining your product quality. Every piece of dough production equipment Empire provides handles your dough with care - gently and consistently.

Empire Bakery Equipment provides a wide variety of dough handling equipment to meet the needs of any bakery. Our precision Dough Sheeters are perfect for everything from croissants and pie crust to fondant, cookies and more. Our Dough Dividers, Divider/Rounders and Dough Moulders handle a wide range of product gently, from Italian bread to ciabatta dough. Regardless of your production capacity, from retail to wholesale volume, Empire has the dough processing equipment to fit your needs.

Dough Production Equipment from Empire

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