Tilt-Over Spiral Arm Mixers

Mixing dough requires skill and knowledge. Why should it also require a strong back? Empire Tilt-Over Spiral Mixing Machines eliminate the back-breaking work of pulling dough from the mixer.

Strong enough for bagels, gentle enough for french dough, Empire Tilt-Over Spiral Mixers offer coordinated spiral and bowl rotation to give maximum control of ingredient blending, dough development and better end product. The hydraulic lift system eliminates the need for additional bowls or lifting mechanism.

The AR1 and AR2 are among our most popular tilt mixers. They offer the ability to discharge either left or right at a variety of preset heights for machine hoppers, dough troughs, or a workbench. The advanced design of its technical features and strict compliance with accident prevention safety rules, guarantee maximum reliability and safety.

220 qt.
Capacity (lbs)
up to 560
Dump Height
Dump Height
in Pounds
Power (Amps)

* Dependent on model/size of mixer

Key Features

  • Coordinated Spiral and Bowl Drive
  • Reversible Bowl Rotation
  • Two Timers with Automatic Changeover
  • Hi-Speed Lock-Out Switch to Prevent High Speed Operation
  • Stainless Steel Bowl, Spiral Breaker Bar and Guard
  • See-thru Bowl Guard with Safety Interlock Prevents Operation with Guard Open
  • Belt Driven Arm and Bowl for Quiet Operation and Low Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Lifting Device is Smooth and Reliable
  • Dual Side Discharges at Various Heights for Discharge onto Bench or into Dough Hopper