Indirect Water Chilling System

  • Indirect Water Chilling System

Looking for an indirect water chilling system for your bakery? With its heavy duty stainless steel construction the BLK 200 ICE is a revolutionary unit with the power to produce a large quantity of chilled water in no time at all. The secret is in the ice it produces as a storage buffer for periods when chilled water is needed. This buffer helps maintain a consistent temperature range and allows for immediate water delivery (3-5 gallons of water/minute). The BLK 200 ICE also extremely hygienic; boasting a contained circulation system that keeps the water from touching the open air, and potential contaminants. There are no pumps necessary for operation; the unit utilizes existing water pressure - making the BLK 200 ICE a simple, reliable water chilling solution for your bakery.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
  • Chills up to 50 gallons of water per hour.
  • Consistently delivers temperatures 33° F - 34° F.
  • Dispenses 3-5 gallons/minute.
  • UL Listed NASA 2651-CE approved.
  • Small enough to be wall mounted saving floor space.
  • Can hook directly to your water meter.
Capacity 50 gallons/hour
Water Pressure 15-100 psi
Max Test Pressure 225 psi
Water Inlet Diameter R 1/2"
Temperature 33-34° F
Water Outlet Pressure 15-100 psi
Electrical Requirements 110 VAC (+/- 10%)
60Hz (+/- 2 Hz)
Single Phase
Power 10 Amps / 1 kW
Net Wt 127 lbs
Dimensions 20" x 35" x 21"

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