EURODROP 660 BA®Wire Cut Depositor

  • EURODROP 660 BA Cookie Depositor Dising Head
  • EURODROP 660 BA Cookie Depositor

The EURODROP 660 BA® Cookie Depositor is designed to be the most versatile wire-cutting and dropping machine available today. The touch screen panel is intuitive, functional and easy to use. With a large variety of molds and dies available, the EURODROP Cookie Depositor is extremely flexible, making it ideal for a wide range of shapes, sizes and inclusions. The EURODROP features our exclusive Big American Head which allows for larger style cookie favorites like chocolate chip, oatmeal, Snickerdoodles and so many more! Its combination of cutting-edge technology and superier design will not only save you significant time and money but also let you create endless cookie possibilities!

  • Exclusive wire-cut design
  • Ideal for a wide variety of American style cookies
  • Can produce cookie sizes from 0.5 oz. - 5.3 oz. (10g - 15g)
  • User-friendly 7" touch screen control panel
  • Storage of up tp 200 programs
  • Motorized wire cutting with speed control
  • Variable speed dosing motor
  • Bi-directional advancement of the trays allows you to feed trays from the front or back
  • Adjustable anti-dropping device for cleaner deposits
  • Automatic starting controls
  • Easy to clean quickly and thoroughly
  • Output ranging from 175 to 225 lbs/hr
Hopper Capacity (Liters) 43
Weight (Lbs.) 627
Power 220 V / 1Ph / 8A

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