MasterMix™ Stationary Bowl Spiral Mixers

The Original Empire Spiral Arm Mixer! Strong enough for bagels, gentle enough for french dough, Empire's MaterMix™ Spiral Arm Mixers are available in a wide range of sizes, from 120 to 560 lb. dough capacities. Coordinated spiral and bowl rotation gives maximum control of ingredient blending, dough development and better end product. Exclusive features, advanced engineering and rugged construction means maximum versatility - precise mixing control and consistency - higher output, faster mixing time - quiet and reliable operation. The #1 choice of bagel and bread bakers from coast to coast....You can count on its reliability!

  • Coordinated Spiral and Bowl Drive
  • Reversible Bowl Rotation
  • Two Timers with Automatic Changeover from low to high speed
  • Hi-Speed Lock Out Switch to prevent high speed operation
  • Stainless Steel Bowl, Spiral Arm, Breaker Bar and Guard
  • See-thru Bowl Guard with safety interlock prevents operation with guard open
  • Belt Driven Arm and Bowl for quiet operation and low maintenance.
  • Mounted on three casters for easy mobility and cleaning

All Models 208V / 3 PH / 60 Cycle
(Other voltages are available)

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