MasterMix®Stationary Bowl Spiral Mixers

For bakers who want to work faster and fill large volume requests without sacrificing quality, the MasterMix stationary bowl spiral mixer is the solution. With a variety of convenient features, intuitive operation and durable construction, MasterMix spiral mixers allow you to bake faster and fill more orders, while enjoying the same delicious quality of dough.
The MasterMix industrial spiral mixer is available in a selection of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your bakery. With coordinated bowl and spiral rotation, all ingredients are blended smoothly and easily. You can pinpoint the speed you need for the dough consistency you are working with and mix all ingredients just as you would yourself. The spiral mixer does the job for you, producing bread dough, bagel dough and more with the textures and flavors you need.
See the sizes and dimensions for each of the seven different models available to find MasterMix spiral mixers for your bakery. Contact Empire Bakery Equipment to get a quote.


  • Coordinated Spiral and Bowl Drive
  • Reversible Bowl Rotation
  • Two Timers with Automatic Changeover from low to high speed
  • Hi-Speed Lock Out Switch to prevent high speed operation
  • Stainless Steel Bowl, Spiral Arm, Breaker Bar and Guard
  • See-thru Bowl Guard with safety interlock prevents operation with guard open
  • Belt Driven Arm and Bowl for quiet operation and low maintenance.
  • Mounted on three casters for easy mobility and cleaning

All Models 208V / 3 PH / 60 Cycle
(Other voltages are available)

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