LFM-D Modular Electric Deck Oven

  • LFMD with hood
  • LCD Screen Close Up

The new Empire LFM-D Modular Electric Deck Oven is a baker's dream! Clean European design emanates a combination of advanced technology and elegant form. Featuring quick installation, compact size and premium quality materials, the LFM-D also boasts state of the art heating elements use as little as 11 Kw of power, even while producing steam. The oven’s hearth is one of the highest quality baking stones available today, giving you perfect artisan results each and every time. The well designed digital controls are extremely easy to use, and its thermal insulation is so effective, the LFM-D can be installed at zero clearance against a wide range of materials. All of this and more makes the LFM-D Modular Electric Deck Oven one of the most versatile Electric Deck Ovens on the market today!


  • Durable Stainless-Steel construction.
  • Self-Contained Steam System produces ample steam for any bakery application.
  • Available in a variety of configurations, from 1 to 4 deck, 2 to 24 pans (standard).
  • Stackable Design allows for quick and clean installation.
  • Compact Size for inclusion in tight work spaces.
  • Individual Deck Controls are easy to use and allow you to bake a wide range of product simultaneously.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation for installations at zero clearance.
  • Sturdy 6' Wheels makes service accessibility a breeze.
  • Modern aesthetic design makes it a great showpiece for the front of the house, attracting customers.
  • Sturdy Base with Pan Storage included.
  • Electric is 220v / 3Ph / 60Hz standard. Other voltages are available for order.


  • Steam Collection Hood available with or with out Exhaust Fan.
  • 7" Programmable Touch Screen Control Panel.
  • 5 Deck Configurations available for order.

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