Empire Bread Slicers are a Cut Above the Rest!

When you are serving hundreds of customers in a fast-paced environment, a knife-slip can easily happen. A knife cut can ruin your day and your production or, at worst, cause serious, lifelong injuries. Installing commercial bread slicing machines at your bakery is one of the fastest and easiest ways to prevent injuries in your business. Empire's professional bread slicers are made with safety and efficiency in mind, protecting users from blades and making it easy and harmless to cut many different breads and other bakery items.

When cutting thousands of bread loaves, cakes, bagels and other items, injuries are bound to happen. Commercial bread slicing machines remove this chance of injury by taking the blade out of the equation. The user can insert the baguette, bagel, bread loaf, pastry or another item and the machine will make a quick, even and immediate cut. With machines that can cut up to 2,000 pieces per hour or other machines that customers can use as needed, you can find the ideal professional bread slicing equipment for the volume you produce and the type of items you work with.

Order professional bread slicers to prevent injury to your staff or customers and make all your operations run faster and smoother. Click to learn more about each item and order an addition to your bakery, restaurant or cafe.

Bread Slicing Equipment from Empire

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