ENERGY-MAX Electric Stone Hearth Deck Oven

The innovative ENERGY Electrical Stone Hearth Deck Oven was engineered to minimize energy consumption and ensure a perfect bake every time. Each deck allows for the independent control of both the floor and ceiling temperatures, while the unique design of the heating elements provides greater power near the doors in order to avoid heat loss. Operating costs are held to a minimum thanks to superior deck insulation and the inclusion of the ECO Energy Optimization System - a feature that limits energy consumption based on need allowing you to use up to 50% less energy. With no expensive burner venting or fuel supply lines to worry about installation is simple, and maintenance is a snap thanks to the easy accessibility of all major elements from the front panels. All in all, the ENERGY Electrical Stone Hearth Deck Oven is able to provide a level of reliability and flexibility that is sure to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning baker.

Per Bake
Door Size
Surface Area
48-240 ft2
Actual Pan
Pan Capacity
50% Less

* Dependent on modal/size of oven

Key Features

  • Unique ECO optimization system helps control energy consumption
  • Zero clearance installation for tight spaces
  • Available in 2, 3 & 4 door designs, up to 5 decks
  • Stone hearth baking surface provides artisan quality results
  • Superior management of the temperature on each deck handled via front mounted controls
  • Storage of up to 99 customized baking programs provides extreme flexibility
  • Heating elements made of AISI 309 steel with ceramic insulators for maximum durability
  • Standard 24.4" counter balanced loading doors
  • Available with manual, semi-automatic and automatic loaders