IK-1 Intermediate Proofer

The IK-1 Intermediate Proofer is designed for resting of previously rounded pieces of dough weighing up to 42.3oz. The proofer is loaded via an entrance slide at a maximum rate of 1,800 pieces/hour or via a single infeed belt at up to 2,200 pieces/hour. Feeding is accurately controlled by photocell technology while flexible resting times can be adjusted by the speed of production.

The proofing baskets of the IK-1 Intermediate Proofer are specifically designed to resist moisture absorption and prevent the dough from sticking to the pocket. Ultraviolet light in the proofing cabinet prevents the growth of bacteria and mold while the IK-1’s fan system removes excess humidity. An open design allows for easy supervision of the resting dough inside the proofer. Dough can be loaded from the left or the right, front or back. Several variations are available to meet your production needs.

Per Hour
up to 2,200
Number of
Per Row
Power (Amps)

PLEASE NOTE: Actual specifications determined by model selected.

Key Features

  • Designed to handle previously rounded dough weighing up to 42.3 oz at a rate of up to 2,200 pcs/hr
  • Multiple infeed and discharge configurations available
  • Sturdy base and frame eliminate the need for overhead supports
  • Photocell technology ensures accurate feeding speeds
  • Specially designed proofing baskets resist moisture absorption and prevent sticking
  • Antimicrobial UV Light sanitation prevents the growth of mold and bacteria
  • Open design allows for easy supervision of resting dough
  • Durable construction helps to ensure years of reliable operation
  • Highly customizable features available to meet nearly any production requirement