MASTRO Stone Deck Pizza Oven

When you want to produce genuine old-world pizzas with all of the modern bells and whistles, then you want the MASTRO Stone Hearth Pizza Oven. Perfectly suited for pizzerias and restaurants of all sizes,the MASTRO industrial pizza oven was designed to replicate the quality of traditional coal-fired pizza ovens

The secret is in the advanced steam tube technology that facilitates heat distribution and retention. Vapor tubes deliver heat evenly throughout the product zone for a perfectly consistent pizza bake. This provides consistent quality from front to back, side to side and deck to deck. In addition, each deck has its own self-contained steam system with refractory brick baking surfaces - perfect for adding an Artisan Bread Program to your menu.

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Capacity (18")
Up to 12 
Bread Loaf
Up to 58
2 & 3 Deck
Surface Area
46 ft²
Power (BTU/hr)

Actual specifications determined by model selected.

Key Features

  • High-quality refractory baking surfaces for the perfect pizza bake
  • Produce perfectly baked pizzas and artisan breads in one oven
  • Available in 2 & 3 deck models
  • Greater heat retention due to increased thermal mass
  • Replicates the quality of old-world coal-fired pizza ovens
  • Single burner vapor tube system uses less energy than traditional pizza ovens
  • Mannesmann vapor tubes run throughout the oven to provide even heat
  • Each deck has has its own self-contained vapor system with refractory surfaces
  • Easy to use programmable controls
  • High visibility lamps on each deck
  • Glass doors for easy viewing of product while baking