LFR-FOX Single Rack Oven

When space is at a premium, Empire’s Single Rack LFR-FOX Oven is here to save the day! Incorporating all the latest design principles for great baking, safety, economy, and long-lasting reliability, this compact gas or electric oven is ideal for retail bakeries, bagel shops, kitchens, and restaurants. Ideal for a cookie oven, it's also perfectly suited for bagels, breads, cakes, pastries, and more.

Gentle airflow and energy-efficient design provide you with high-quality baking and years of low-cost operation. The innovative SureFlow® Steam System will not clog like traditional nozzle systems providing you with consistent steam bake after bake. Empire’s LFR-FOX Oven meets the highest standards in quality, reliability and consistency in the bakery and food service industries. Whether you need the perfect cookie oven or a bakery stalwart, this is the compact gas/electric oven for you.

Pan Capacity
43.7" x 66.1"
w. Fan
Power for
Electric Model
88 Amps
Power for
Gas Model
140,000 BTU

PLEASE NOTE: Actual specifications determined by model selected.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Durable rack rotation system featuring a top hook lift
  • Digital control panel with programmable automatic start up
  • Reliable, no-clog SureFlow Steam System
  • Manual steam exhaust valve
  • Double glaze door with top and bottom locking system
  • Internal lighting system
  • Built-in steam collection hood
  • Available in gas or electric


  • LCD touch screen control panel with advanced programming capabilities
  • Left or right hand door swing (determined at time of order)
  • Sturdy high-temperature baking racks available in 10-20 pan capabilities