MiniTube Stone Hearth Deck Oven

When floor space is limited and you want a genuine stone-hearth, artisan quality oven, Empire’s compact MiniTube® is the perfect choice. Designed for the most discriminating baker, these ovens produce exceptional quality artisan breads.

The secret is in the advanced vapor tube technology that facilitates heat distribution and retention. Vapor tubes deliver heat evenly throughout the product zone, with no moving parts necessary to distribute the heat. This provides consistent quality from front to back, side to side and deck to deck. In addition, each deck has its own self-contained steam generator, so there is no need for a steam boiler. You’ll save on fuel, space and maintenance.

Previously these benefits were only available on industrial ovens suitable for large wholesale production. But now, the MiniTube® gives you brick oven baking in as little as 51 inches x 78 inches.

Per Bake
Compact Design
As Small As
51" x 78"
Surface Area
37-90 ft2
Actual Pan
Pan Capacity
Power (BTU/hr)

Actual specifications determined by model selected.

Key Features

  • True Vapor Tube Baking for Brick Oven Quality
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes as small as 50” X 64”
  • Individual, Self-Contained Steam Generators for each Deck
  • Natural Gas, Propane or Oil-Fired Burners
  • Burners and Other Components are Front Mounted, for Easy Access in Tight Spaces
  • Stainless Steel Front Panels and Vapor Hood with Steam Exhaust Fan
  • Halogen Lamps on each Deck
  • Full Glass Doors for Easy Viewing
  • Available with Integrated Loader/Unloaders


  • True Vapor Tube Baking for Brick Oven Quality