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From store layout and equipment planning to workflow and menu development, Empire Pizza Consulting Services will guide you on your road to pizza success.

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Professional Pizza Consulting

Are you looking to start a new pizzeria, improve your pizzeria or perfect and diversify your menu? Look no further than Empire's Professional Pizza Consulting Services. Our pizza consulting services are designed to help you navigate the competitive and delicious pizza industry. Our experienced pizza restaurant consultants are led by the 13x World Pizza Champion, Nino Coniglio. Nino is a Brooklyn-born pizza maker and restauranteur who has made a name for himself in the industry, becoming a world champion pizza maker for the first time in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy in 2005.

Nino has relied on Empire Pizza Equipment to help operate his successful pizzerias, Williamsburg Pizza in Brooklyn and Coniglio's in Morristown, NJ. With his knowledge of the industry and understanding of how Empire equipment helps build a successful pizzeria, Nino will work with you one-on-one to guide you on the road to pizza success.

Here is exactly what you will get with our Professional Pizza Consulting Services:

Store & Equipment Planning

As part of your pizza business plan, we will help you plan the perfect store layout to promote an ergonomic flow conducive to optimal production. We will also suggest the types of equipment you need based on the types of pizza and other products you plan to produce. From energy-efficient Empire Pizza ovens that will save you money on fuel costs, to dough mixers and production equipment that will help you automate production and save on labor costs, Empire has the equipment your bakery needs to succeed.

Menu Development

Crafting a tantalizing pizza menu is an artform. Owning his own pizza shops has given Nino the knowledge and experience necessary to work with you in creating a menu that balances classic favorites and innovative creations that will set your pizzeria apart from the rest.

Recipe Perfection

Making a memorable product that stands out, starts with your recipes. Your dough is the foundation that turns a pizzeria into a great pizzeria. From your dough to the sauce and toppings, Nino will fine-tune your recipes, helping you achieve the perfect flavor and consistency that keeps customers coming back for more!

Ingredient Sourcing

Your pizza is only as good as your ingredients. Nino has been a pizza restaurant consultant and owner for so long that he's been there and tried that! His years of experience with ingredients and knowledge passed down to him by some of the pizza greats have helped him narrow down the best-tasting, freshest, and highest quality ingredients for making the best possible pizzas.

Operations Optimization

Streamlining your kitchen operations is a vital part of your pizza business plan because it creates efficiency and consistency. We will help you design a workflow that maximizes productivity and minimizes bottlenecks and other possible issues.

Quality Control

Consistency is key. The comfort for customers knowing they are going to get the same delicious product each and every time is what keeps them coming back for more. Nino will help make sure that you implement quality control measures to ensure every pizza leaving your kitchen meets the highest standards.

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