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Below you will find all of the PDF Cutsheets of all the equipment we have available. These cutsheets are a good source of easy to digest key information for each piece of equipment. Each cutsheet is available for download at your convenience.

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Ovens & Loaders

Stone Hearth Deck Ovens

  1. MiniTube™ Stone Hearth Deck Oven
  2. LFKR Stone Hearth Deck Oven
  3. LF Ultimate Stone Hearth Deck Oven

Electric Deck Ovens

  1. Modular Electric Deck Oven
  2. ENERGY MT Electric Stone Hearth Deck Oven
  3. ENERGY MAX Electric Stone Hearth Deck Oven

Rack Ovens

  1. FOX-10 Rotating Half Rack Oven
  2. FOX Single Rotating Rack Ovens
  3. Single Rotating Rack Ovens
  4. Double Rotating Rack Oven

Multi-Deck Tunnel Ovens

  1. MecaMATIC Multi-Deck Tunnel Oven
  2. MecaTeck Tunnel Oven Brochure (Full Line)

Convection Ovens

  1. Universal Electric Bakery Ovens

Oven Loaders

  1. EASY Integrated Oven Loader
  2. PSA Automatic Oven Loader
  3. SIRIO Integrated Oven Loader

Revolving Ovens

  1. Empire Revolving Tray Oven

Dough Mixers & Water Meters

  1. IRIS Stationary Bowl Spiral Mixers
  2. ESX Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers
  3. ES Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers
  4. ESV Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers
  5. SR Bowl Lift
  6. Tiltover Bowl Spiral Mixers
  7. Vertical Mixers
  8. DOX 25 Water Meter
  9. DOX 30 Water Meter
  10. DOMIX 35/45 Water Meters

Cookie Depositors

  1. Suprema Cookie Depositor
  2. BabyDrop Cookie Machine
  3. ROT500 Rotary Moulder
  4. Cookie Reference Sheet
  5. BabyDrop MAXX Cookie Machine
  6. MultiForm Encrusting Machine
  7. DosiMax Table-Top Filling Machine

Bagel Equipment

  1. Empire Bagel Divider & Former
  2. Bagel Kettle & Hood

Production Equipment

Reversible Dough Sheeter

  1. Table Top Reversible Dough Sheeter
  2. Floor Model Reversible Dough Sheeter
  3. Automatic Reversible Dough Sheeter

Dough Dividers

  1. SQ Square Dough Divider
  2. SR Rectangular Dough Divider
  3. ST Round Dough Divider
  4. SQG/PBG Divider Series with Grid
  5. PB Dough & Butter Press
  6. SP-240 Soft Dough Divider
  7. SVP Suction Dough Divider

Dough Divider/Moulders

  1. SPA Dough Divider/Rounder
  2. The Lyra Divider/Rounder
  3. The Winner Divider/Moulder

Bread Moulders

  1. French Bread Moulder
  2. AS Conical Rounder
  3. OBLIQ Long Loaf Bread Moulder
  4. OBLIQ-2 Dual Plate Long Loaf Bread Moulder
  5. Konik Conical Rounder
  6. Konik-2 Conical Rounder


  1. Single Door Roll-In Rack Proofers
  2. Double Door Roll-In Rack Proofers
  3. Triple Wide/Double Door Roll-In Rack Proofers
  4. IK1 Intermediate Proofer
  5. IK2 High Output Intermediate Proofer

Refrigeration & Freezing

  1. Reach-In/Roll-In Refrigeration & Freezing Units
  2. Walk-In Refrigeration & Freezing Units
  3. Indirect Water Chilling Systems

Bread Slicers

  1. The ZIP Baguette Slicers
  2. Pico/Picomatic Bread Slicers
  3. Duro Bread Slicers
  4. Eco+ Bread Slicers
  5. Face+ Bread Slicers
  6. Full Bread Slicers
  7. VariaPRO Variable Thickness Slicer


  1. Allies GF Goodies Advertorial
  2. Bien Cuit Advertorial
  3. Grateful Bread Advertorial
  4. Boulangerie A Proper Bakery Advertorial
  5. La Maison du Macaron Advertorial
  6. Macaron Bar Advertorial
  7. Nye's Cream Sandwiches Advertorial
  8. Pasticceria Bruno Advertorial
  9. Monreale Bakery Advertorial
  10. Met Foods Supermarket Advertorial
  11. Buonos Bakery Advertorial

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