Roboqbo All-in-One Processing Machine

The RoboQbo food processing machine is a complete, compact and patented transformation system that integrates different machines into a single process. It’s a multi-process machine that lets you introduce all of the ingredients in one step. This is a radical break with old methods, bringing down the number of stages to one single uninterrupted cycle. The RoboQbo is an one-for-all system because it meets the needs and demands of whoever uses it, and because it can be adapted to multiple fields of application.





But that would be too easy. It cooks at a low temperature and in a vacuum state, to preserve raw material quality, and it also pressure cooks at a high temperature, to reduce cooking time. How? Quickly and using gentle heat, to avoid altering the product. Quickly and at a controlled temperature, reducing cooling time and immediately stopping the cooking process. Depending on the type of cut, the speed can be adjusted to get chopped meats in the particle size that is just right. And it does it to perfection, thanks to a range of accessories designed to preserve piece size, be it under cold process or in cooking mode.





You can achieve aerated, soft, foamy results thanks to Aeroqbo, the special tool that allows incorporating air, inert gases or CO2. Products come out with a perfect structure, stable over time and airless, thanks to vacuum, special accessories and constant temperature control. Using a patented double jacketed steam cooking system that ensures speed, total control and a uniform temperature. Achieving structurally superior melted products through the synergistic effects of heating efficiency, vacuum system and blending power.

Key Features

  • Bowl capacities ranging from 8 - 120 liters
  • Maximum temperature capable of up to 248 degrees
  • Maximum vacuum of up to -990 mbar
  • Variable speeds of up to 30/3000 rpm
  • Intuitive touchscreen control panel powered by Windows OS
  • Automatic movements of lid, tank and safety lock
  • Inspection glass and interior light
  • Motorized spatula for tank and lid scraping
  • Vacuum filter
  • Pneumatic valve for product extraction
  • Integrated self-washing and sanitizing system
  • Integrated Wi-Fi-ready connection.
  • Internal steam generator
  • Vocal device for operator communications