Suprema MAXX Cookie Depositor

The new Suprema® MAXX Cookie Depositor is designed to be the most versatile wire-cutting and dropping machine available today. With an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen control panel and a 200 recipe memory capacity the Suprema cookie depositor is capable of producing 180 trays of consistent, high-quality cookies per hour. With a large variety of nozzles and moulds available, this is one of the most flexible cookie depositors for sale on the market and is ideal for a wide range of pastries, cookies, and biscuits. The Suprema cookie depositor's combination of cutting-edge technology and superior design will not only save you significant time and money but it’s also sure to satisfy even the most discerning baker. Let your cookie making imagination run wild - leave the rest to Empire!

Output (lbs/hr)
up to 2,500
Per Minute
Capacity (ltrs)
Weight (lbs)

* Data Approximate: Productivity varies based on the set parameters 

Key Features

  • 7” user-friendly touch screen control panel
  • Interchangeable hard dough & fluid pump heads
  • Variable speed dosing motor
  • Adjustable nozzle rotation speed
  • Bidirectional advancement of the trays allows you to feed trays from the front or back
  • Adjustable anti-dropping device for cleaner deposits
  • Automatic starting controls
  • Easy to clean quickly and thoroughly
  • Wide range of nozzles and moulds available
  • Optional fluid pump for soft dough and batters
  • Output capacity up to 40 cycles per minute
  • Voltage: 22OV/60Hz/1ph/7A