Cooling Conveyor Lines

Empire's Industrial Cooling Conveyor Lines offer high-quality solutions for the ambient cooling and cabinet cooling of food products. These solutions can be tailored to fit just about any production space big or small. Forced-air cabinet cooling is ideal for lowering the temperature of hot products in the shortest possible time to maximize production. The design of these Cooling Conveyor Lines is based on the specifications of the product to ensure the best possible results for your facility. Each layout ensures easy access and makes the most of the mezzanine, overhead and split-level decks for maintenance areas. The Conveyor Lines also ensure compliance with the strictest hygiene standards demanded by the food industry.

Ambient Spiral Cooling

Forced-Air Cabinet Spiral Cooling

Key Features

  • Cooling spiral lines that both ambient cool and cabinet cool products
  • Engineered to provide long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance
  • Easily accessible parts for thorough sanitation
  • Lower temperature of hot incoming products quickly and efficiently
  • Versatile spiral system allows you to optimize even the smallest spaces
  • Complies to the strictest hygiene standards demanded by the food industry