EMP-SD-SF Single Bank Bagel Machine

Empire’s EMP-SD-SF Single Bank Bagel Machine is the most effective, quickest, and easiest to manage bagel system on the market today. It’s variable knife speed give you control and accuracy in the most arduous bagel production lines. The EMP-SD-SF is easy to operate and a snap to clean. Together this bagel divider/former duo make up the industry's top-selling and most reliable bagel production machine on the market.

The industry standard for retail, foodservice and small wholesale operations, Empire's EMP-SD-SF Single Bank Bagel Machine produces up to 3,600 consistent bagels per hour. Available with a variety of mandrel and sleeve sizes to produce everything from the popular "minis" and robust "bulls". Don't forget to take a look at our rotating bagel oven and dough proofing boards to get your whole setup together.

Per Hour
up to 3,600
Power (amps)

PLEASE NOTE: Actual specifications determined by model selected. 

Key Features

  • Produces up to 3,600 Pieces/Hour
  • Rotary Knife Action - No Piston or Messy Oil Clean Up
  • No Heat Transfer from Machine to Dough
  • Includes Standard Forming Tube Mini and Bull Bagel Set-Ups Availible
  • Mounted Casters for Easy Movement and Cleaning
  • Variable Speed on Knife
  • 20 in. Turntable for Easy Accessibility and Panning
  • Easily Adjusted Pressure Plate
  • Belt Tension Adjustment For Extended Belt Life
  • Board Holder included
  • Voltage: 22OV/60Hz/1ph/2A