OBLIK Dough Moulder

OBLIK Dough Moulders are perfect for the production of rolls and long-loaves from 1.75 to 70.5 ounces with a maximum length of 25.6 inches. Because its rollers are produced with a non-stick plastic material, it’s suitable for all types of dough, especially those with medium and high percentages of water. Large diameter rollers permit the OBLIK Dough Moulder to roll the loaves with high precision, obtaining a perfect moulded piece.

The sheeting rollers can be fully adjusted for different thicknesses, applying less stress to the dough. In addition, the calibrated mechanism of the moulding plate allows for fine adjustment and an independent variable height of the front and rear of the moulding plate. The machine, pictured below with the universal moulding plate, is equipped with side guides to finish the dough ends and guarantee the uniformity of each loaf.

Per Hour
up to 3,000
Range (oz)
Weight (lbs)

PLEASE NOTE: Actual specifications determined by model selected. 

Key Features

  • Production Capacity of up to 3,000 pcs/hr
  • Rollers made of non-stick plastic material to prevent sticking
  • Solid construction assures durability with minimal maintenance
  • Easy to use design allows for quick and precise setting of centering flaps, rollers, table and guides
  • Open design allows for simple cleaning
  • Durable wheels with brakes enable simple maneuvering of the machine
  • Optional motorized pressure board and dough cutting knives available
  • Hand wheel adjustable side guides also available
  • Available with universal moulding plate and guides, or with specifically sized plates with adjustable curvature